Insurance and Life Insurance

The hospital has coordinated with the leading insurance company for those who have private health insurance both Thai and foreigners will be protected in the maintenance of PMG hospitals.

Contact us immediately at:
02-451-4920-4 ต่อ 1001
Email [email protected]

When checking the list of insurance companies there will be steps to receive services using the rights as follows:

1. In general and emergency cases please prepare to display the cards to check the rights as follows:

National ID card or

Government Issue ID card or

Insurance Card or Social Security Card No.

2. Outpatient Service

The patient signed the consent document before entering the service at the medical record in case of excess,

the patient must make payment by themselves.

3. Patient that has been planned first for the inpatient service

Contact the hospital to try and provide contact information details

Hospital officer will coordinate the insurance company to check claim process of insurance.

If there is an excess from insurance, the patient must make payment by themselves.

In case of asking for the benefits and conditions for coverage at

Customer Service Center

Tel. 02 451 4921

* Note: In case of using other permissions, please contact us before entering the service.


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