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Open every Monday - Sunday
from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

General Information

Thai Traditional Medicine Clinic focuses on diagnosis, treatment, prevention, promotion and rehabilitation of people who come to receive services with knowledge of Thai traditional medicine, relaxed, clean, safe atmosphere.With services for examination and treatment of diseases with Thai traditional medicine such as herbal medicine dispensing, manual therapy for disease treatment, herbal steam, herbal compress, postpartum maternal care, health care advice. In different areas throughout the massage to promote health, foot massage, aroma oil massage to help relax muscles and tendons. Thai Traditional Medicine Clinic ready to serve you and your family.

Our Service

Thai traditional medicine service

Service rates and Service duration
TimePrice (Baht)
Spot relaxation massage  30 minutes150
Relaxing full body massage 60 minutes300
Foot Massage  60 minutes300
Body Scrub   45 minutes500
Aromatherapy Oil Massage    60 minutes400
Press points for symptomatic treatment and herbal compress60 minutes300
Therapeutic massage and herbal compress 90 minutes500
Herbal compress massage (topical)30 minutes200
Herbal compress (whole body) 90 minutes450
Steam30 minutes200
Therapeutic Massage + Herbal Compress + Steam120 minutes700
Milk stimulating massage 45 minutes300
Care after childbirth 120 minutes1,000

Responsible physician
Lt. Raphatson Prommkijjanont

For more information, please call
02-451-4920 ext 1014

Responsible Doctor


Raphatson Prommkijjanont

Thai Traditional Medicine


Raphatson Prommkijjanont

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