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General Information

Physical therapy involves taking care of the health of the recipient in terms of promotion, prevention, treatment and rejuvenate the body. Using physical therapy tools or equipment such as therapeutic exercises, bending-pull therapy use of electrical appliances heat - cooling therapy with
the goal of keeping the patient healthy and have the ability to work of the body fully. Physiotherapy work is divided into the following areas;

  1. Musculoskeletal physical therapy such as patients with impaired mobility, pain caused by musculoskeletal disorders, improper exercise or occupational injury. Patients with fractures and/or having surgery including those with dismemberment disabilities.
  2. Neurological physical therapy therapy is for patients with mobility problems or those with self-help problems in daily life caused by neurological disorders such as paralysis, cerebrovascular patients, pediatric patients. With mobility problems such as congenital cerebral palsy, parkinson's patients, and those who have had an accident that injures the brain or spinal cord.
  3. Physical therapy in the chest, blood vessels and heart (lungs and heart) patients with breathing problems or heart function, such as lung disease patients with residual sputum or infection, patients with heart disease including patients before and after surgery.

General Service

Physical therapy





 For people who have pain in the neck / back / knee (reduce pain)2504502,1004,050
For those who have pain in the neck fracture along the nerve (C-traction)3005502,6004,950
For those with back pain fractures along the nerve (L-traction)4006503,0855,850
Move the joints, increase the range of motion such as head / elbow / knee (add ROM)3005002,3754,500
Practice walking / standing / sitting (Ambulate)3005002,3754,500
Stroke (Exercise bedd side)4006002,8505,400
Knock on the lungs3001,4502,700
Ultrasound stimulates breast milk8003,8007,200
Reduce pain / numbness with a PMS machine800 – 1,2005,4009,600

Responsible physician
Provincial Administrative Organization : Ms. Chalisa Ritthaapinan 

For more information please contact 02-4514920 ext. 1023

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